Preconditions and Disclaimer for using allergen information of "SmileMenu" for food allergies in web services and stores

Enactment date : Jan.22nd, 2020
Last updated date : Sep 8th, 2020

By checking and ACCEPTING content below, you can utilize allergen information of "SmileMenu" for food allergies in web services and stores.

“SmileMenu”, operated by Food Allergy Association of Japan , provides the following REFERENCE information in cooperation with stores.
 ① Information on the response policies and the process of cooking and serving in stores regarding food allergies
 ② Information on the major allergens used in ingredients for each menu provided by stores

The "SmileMenu" information of web services and in-stores have the following risks.
There is NO GUARANTEE that no allergic reaction will occur by the dishes provided to the users. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for using the service at your own risk. (Sensitivity to allergens is wide and different in each person, and so we recommend that you consult your doctor for your final judgment.)
When using our service, please make a self-declaration of your allergen and severity, and communicate with the store staffs.

  • Allergens may be attached or contaminated in the kitchen and on your table. (by Human error, Sharing of equipment, and Mixing via frying oil, etc.)
  • Allergens may be attached or contaminated in the original material processing plant.
  • Allergens may be attached or contaminated bycatch and predation (Food chain).
  • Ingredients may change and included allergens may change. (by Weather, Replacement by wholesaler inventory, Change of manufacturer, etc.)
  • There are individual differences in allergic reactions, and the reactions may change depending on your physical condition.
  • Any allergen may occur your reactions other than the ones that you understand to react in yourself. (eg, Cross-antigenic ingredients)
  • Due to other reasons other than the above, any adhesion or contamination of allergens may cause.

※ Please check the latest information so that information will be updated as product contents change etc.
Ingredients may change without notice depending on the purchase situation of the day.
※ "SmileMenu" is a trademark or registered trademark licensed to Food Allergy Association of Japan.